Sunday, July 27, 2008

Faith is an Alien (Be-friending Atheists)

*Deep Thought for early Sunday a.m.
"Blogging helps re-inscribe and sometimes even break down existing academic structures that are obstacles of the mind..."
(took me 3 days to come up w/ that one) =]

...that said, "How would you be-friend an atheist?" (one who denies the existence of God)

~In~the~Light~ 's Top Three Tips on Blogging Love on Atheists
1. Keep it Amiable - be friendly, sociable and civil
2. Avoid 'Xian-ese' - "____", ...just avoid it...
3. Be Real - (be prayed up) speak the truth in love

*Addendum: Love the sinner, hate the sin (Don't call them 'the Others')

Blog me...Let's have your Top Three Tip's on Blogging Love on Atheists.

~Enjoy your Sunday folks...Monday's on the way!


chris said...

Today, I think that many atheists aren't true atheists, in the sense of the word. They just don't have love for whatever concept of God they have at the moment. The God who allows Darfur and leukemia. I find it best when talking to our unbelieving bro's and sis's to:
1) know who God is (at least to the extent of your experience and ability
2) ask good questions and agree where you find a falsehood about their conceptions about God
3) know that since they have a God concept, they're not without God, they are hurt
4) Read some of the BIG atheist authors so you are familiar with their arguments and the gaps in logic inherent in their arguments.

Recently a student friend went to see Richard Dawkins. He wanted Dawkins to convince him, but instead came away saying..."Well, he didn't say anything, but he said it loudly!"


Campman62 said...

"Spot On" post Bro!

katdish said...

Read "The Reason for God" by Timothy Keller. Buy a copy for a skeptic.

Campman62 said...

U 'Sista Readers' R.O.C.K. !

Kris said...

i have an atheist bil and an ex-atheist husband. they are an interesting breed. my theory is that my bil has claimed this moniker so long that even if he now is not sure of it, he would not admit it.


Campman62 said...

~Denial is a very deep crag in the 'Pit of Despair'. (Praying for u'r b-i-l)

**Great to know about your husband.