Wednesday, July 9, 2008


*KSBJ 89.3FM Morning Show (Houston) ~ "Faith-It's not about how you feel, it's about Who you know."
[...I'd like to add, "It's also what you know." Brothers & Sisters, be not ignorant in your faith.]
~Has anyone checked out your pastor's sermon/reviewed your sermon notes this week to begin some application of what you know versus what you feel???


Kris said...

i guess faith is like love. it is not a feeling, but a decision.

what part of houston? (general location fine). i live on the VERY west end.


Campman62 said...

"W" to tha "West-side Mom"!

*My wife is a "West-side" (Katy,TX-girl).

We are actually on the VERY north-end of The Woodlands...

10k thanks for "posting"!!!

P.S. Yes, I agree...Faith is a "decision". (Daily~we decide/choose if we will put on faith or fear)

~Sorta like we get up every morning and decide...hmmm, go barefoot or put on those running shoes.